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A Little History About El Segundo Woman's Club:

El Segundo Woman’s Club: Celebrating 100 Years of Civic Engagement and Philanthropy The El Segundo Woman’s Club was founded in 1922 to promote civic, educational, and philanthropic interest in the community. The seventeen founding members, many of whom were wives of oil company workers who came from the Midwest to settle the newly formed town, recognized the necessity of fostering civic engagement. The El Segundo Woman’s Club’s acquisition and judicious renovation of the original 1912 El Segundo schoolhouse reflects the organization’s civic commitment to the community. By repurposing this historic building for their clubhouse, the Woman’s Club has retained an important representation of the settling and development of Southern California. The 1940 Mariposa entrance preserves a small piece of residential architecture by John C. Austin, who is primarily noted for his creation of iconic civic buildings in Los Angeles. Since its renovation, the Clubhouse has been used for member and community needs, including serving as a site to administer the polo vaccine in the late 1950s, as a gathering place for local merchants to sell their wares, and as a community rental space for personal and civic events. The revenue derived from Clubhouse rentals has enabled the Woman’s Club to fulfill one of its fundamental goals, that of donating to local, national, and international charities, as well as maintaining the building and providing college scholarships to local high school students. https://www.elsegundowomansclub.org/