How are you involved with the Polk Institute? I am the Chief of Staff (COS)  but my most fulfilling & fun role is serving as Director of Client Success (DOCS) supporting our clients to ensure their success. I love watching our new clients who may be unsure of themselves but are full of hope and enthusiasm, to develop into a confident CEO. As the COS I work from scheduling to planning events to whatever needs to be done. No two days are the same.  

Please tell us one of your best success stories. Meeting and marrying a great man that lets me see the world through my lenses and learn from what I see. Watching Gary and his team create Polk Institute, being a part of it, and watching it grow. This story is far from over. As Gary likes to say “The best is yet to come”

What is your top benefit of being with the Polk Institute?  I get to watch our clients grow and turn their “What?” moment to an “Aha!” moment. I get to be in on the Executive Meetings and be part of the brainstorming for making Polk Institute better & better. I get to meet amazing Facilitators, Mentors, Donors, and all of our other valued volunteers. Thanks to everyone who gives Pi their time to help us!

Would you please give us one of your favorite quotes? “May there always be Tradewinds behind you, Rainbows above you, and Aloha all around you.”  Kauai Blessing