Using a great collection of case studies this book is designed to help new and serial entrepreneurs to:• Learn that failure can be a positive• Learn that failure is normal. 18 of 20 startups may fail• Learn how to avoid mistakes made by others• Learn how to cope with failure and persevere•

Second Edition Just Released July 2020 with new chapters on angel investors, crowdfunding, government funding and more. Secrets to Raising Capital is the definitive guide on how to get funding for your business. Unlike other books on raising capital, it is not a list of lenders, investment bankers, and investors nor is it filled with instructions on how to value your business. 

THIS BOOK IS INTENDED TO PROVIDE HELP TO BLACK, BROWN, AND ALL OTHER ENTREPRENEURS WITH A PASSION FOR LAUNCHING THEIR OWN BUSINESS: •THIS IS MEANT TO EMPOWER THE READER.EMPOWERMENT can be thought of as a process by which individuals gain control over their lives (Perkins & Zimmerman, 1995). Empowered individuals often exhibit various self-regulatory qualities, such as high self-efficacy perceptions and a sense of personal control.

Hiring decisions are primarily based on the interview. Yes, you need a good resume, education, and job experience but what happens during the interview determines whether or not you get the job offer. A good interview can often outweigh a weak resume and experience. Yet most job seekers have very poor interview skills. Even professionals and highly educated candidate perform poorly in interviews. The good news is that you can learn how to excel during interviews.

An elevator pitch is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a person, process, product or service. In theory, it must be able to be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride. It is critical that each and every person have a short elevator pitch mastered, which effectively communicates

The Secrets to Job Success or How to One Up Your Boss! is a book that teaches you techniques and strategies to earn more money in your working career, to reduce the likelihood you will be laid off and to maximize your severance package should you be laid off. Our work careers are finite. Most of us will work for 35 to 40 years. Then we live off social security and what we have saved and invested. If you earn just $10,000 per year more, over an average working career, you will have an additional $2 million when you retire (assuming you save and invest that money). That will make a huge difference in your lifestyle

Rescue to Recovery is a Veteran’s perspective of not only time serviced in the United States Coast Guard but more so, the years after and navigating her way to living her best life. This is a book written by a veteran and her personal challenges while coming to terms with, and understand the dis-ease of playing small, mindset around challenges and the importance of how we think. It is a reflection of work as a physio-therapist, CG missions, trainings, and skewed understandings. This is not just for veterans, it is for the helpers, healers, heroes and warriors of all walks. Those that feel the need to stay strong when everything feels like it is falling apart. 



Some may wonder why a guy is writing a book about women entrepreneurs. What you may not know is that this guy coached girls and women basketball players. For 12 of the 14 years of my coaching career, I coached High School Girls’ Basketball or Women’s College Basketball by choice. My WHY was simple! Over the years, I have found that girls/women are more coachable. For the other two years of my coaching career, I coached Boys Varsity Basketball and made a mistake doing so. I found boys were not as coachable.

We found during our research that access to capital is perhaps the number one gender difference. Therefore, we devote Chapter One to Access-to-Capital.

We hope this book empowers women and girls from Generation Z to Baby Boomers to find their financial freedom while doing good. So, ladies, forget your fears, take a risk, and dare to DREAM BIG!

With all our research for this book, our overarching goal is to write an empowering book. So, women entrepreneurs will start their journey, never quit, and find their peace as they find financial freedom


Financial decisions impact virtually every area of your company. As a manager, it’s up to you to understand how and why.

Finance for Nonfinancial Managers helps you understand the information in essential financial reports and then shows you how to use that understanding to make informed, intelligent decisions. It provides a solid working knowledge of:

  • Basic Financial Reports–All about balance sheets, income statements, cash flow statements, and more
  • Cost Accounting–Methods to assess which products or services are most profitable to your firm
  • Operational Planning and Budgeting–Ways to use financial knowledge to strengthen your company

    Briefcase Books, written specifically for today’s busy manager, feature eye-catching icons, checklists, and sidebars to guide managers step-by-step through everyday workplace situations. Look for these innovative design features to help you navigate through each page:

    Key Terms: Clear defi nitions of key terms and concepts

    Smart Managing: Tactics and strategies for managing change

    Tricks of the Trade: Tips for executing the tactics in the book

    Mistake Proofing: Practical advice for minimizing the possibility of error

    Caution: Warning signs for when things are about to go wrong

    For Example: Examples of successful change-management tactics

    Tools: Specific planning procedures, tactics, and hands-on techniques

Learn how to successfully build and finance your startup using the advice of a venture lawyer with over $6 billion in corporate finance experience. Now in its second edition, this book breaks down the lessons a startup business needs to learn to go from great idea to successful exit. Each chapter is geared to explaining in simple terms what an entrepreneur needs to know about finding and meeting venture capital firms and angel investors and giving them winning presentations. The book guides the reader through challenging concepts like dilution and capitalization tables in an easy-to-understand format. The author shares life lessons from other startups to help the reader avoid pitfalls that other first-time founders can easily avoid with a little forewarning. The book contains valuable examples of term sheets, nondisclosure agreements and other useful information that every startup team should have in their toolboxes.

Learn how to successfully sell your business using the advice of a corporate lawyer with $6+ billion in merger & acquisition experience. This book breaks down the lessons that a business owner needs to
learn to have a successful exit. Each chapter is geared toward explaining in simple terms what a business owner needs to know about finding buyers and getting to a deal. The book guides the reader through challenging concepts like earnouts and indemnification in an easy-to understand format. The author shares life lessons from other business owners to help the reader avoid pitfalls


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