Using a great collection of case studies this book is designedto help new and serial entrepreneurs to:• Learn that failure can be a positive• Learn that failure is normal. 18 of 20 startups may fail• Learn how to avoid mistakes made by others• Learn how to cope with failure and persevere•

Second Edition Just Released July 2020 with new chapters on angel investors, crowdfunding, government funding and more. Secrets to Raising Capital is the definitive guide on how to get funding for your business. Unlike other books on raising capital, it is not a list of lenders, investment bankers, and investors nor is it filled with instructions on how to value your business. 

THIS BOOK IS INTENDED TO PROVIDE HELP TO BLACK, BROWN, AND ALL OTHER ENTREPRENEURS WITH A PASSION FOR LAUNCHING THEIR OWN BUSINESS: •THIS IS MEANT TO EMPOWER THE READER.EMPOWERMENT can be thought of as a process by which individuals gain control over their lives (Perkins & Zimmerman, 1995). Empowered individuals often exhibit various self-regulatory qualities, such as high self-efficacy perceptions and a sense of personal control.

Hiring decisions are primarily based on the interview. Yes, you need a good resume, education, and job experience but what happens during the interview determines whether or not you get the job offer. A good interview can often outweigh a weak resume and experience. Yet most job seekers have very poor interview skills. Even professionals and highly educated candidate perform poorly in interviews. The good news is that you can learn how to excel during interviews.

An elevator pitch is a short summary used to quickly and simply define a person, process, product or service. In theory, it must be able to be delivered in the time span of an elevator ride. It is critical that each and every person have a short elevator pitch mastered, which effectively communicates their unique gift or talent. Everyone has a gift or talent; but so often, people fail to make the progress that they desire because they are unable to deliver an effective elevator pitch to the influencers in their field.

The Secrets to Job Success or How to One Up Your Boss! is a book that teaches you techniques and strategies to earn more money in your working career, to reduce the likelihood you will be laid off and to maximize your severance package should you be laid off. Our work careers are finite. Most of us will work for 35 to 40 years. Then we live off social security and what we have saved and invested. If you earn just $10,000 per year more, over an average working career, you will have an additional $2 million when you retire (assuming you save and invest that money). That will make a huge difference in your lifestyle


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